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 Rules (read before posting)

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Rules (read before posting) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (read before posting)   Rules (read before posting) Icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2009 12:26 pm

These are all the rules that apply to this forum.

Appropriate scripts.
Don't put profanity or offensive content into a script. In any way. this means that either dirrectly seen for the script, or a graphic/message that appears in game.

No infecious scripts.
We all know what this means. this will resultin permanent ban.

No cussing or racist statements.
This is spam, flameing, and insulting. This will get you banned for at least 7 days.

No flame wars.
you can say that they stole your scipt or something, but if it starts a flame war, the particapants will be banned for 3 days or more.
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Rules (read before posting)
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